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Jennifer Tedder D.D.S.


General Information

Patient Testimonials

Myron: Thank you for the follow-up Dr. Tedder.  Of all the medical/dental services we need, yours is the most caring, friendly, and competent that we have encountered.  You and your staff are exceptional, for example, we do not receive a follow-up such as yours from any of our other services.  You and your staff deserve the highest compliments for your service.

Barbara:  Want to share with all of you my deep appreciation for the splendid care each of you  provided during my visits. Every one took special care to keep my environment safe during this dread Corona-19 virus pandemic. That was most reassuring.

Your kindness was deeply appreciated. Have always felt that the doctors staff is a true reflection of the doctor and the care he or she provides the patients. Your office reinforces that belief.

Warmest regards,

Tim:  I would like to compliment each of you for what was a wonderful experience today.  Dr. Tedder has such a wonderful personality and team to support her.  This was my first root canal.  I never envisioned the process to be as enjoyable as it was today.  Thank you all for being such wonderful people.  May God continue to bless your work and interaction with your patients.  

Garland: Thank you for your expertise and kindness during my visits & procedures.  All I came in contact with at your office so kind & sweet and BTW my visit today was really enjoyable and hilarious and I wish I could have really done a good belly laugh but since my mouth was wide open, impossible.  Dr. Tedder I really enjoyed your Tedder family stories especially about your Mom.  She must have been a “hoot”.  If I ever need more endodontic procedures ~ I will be back.  Have a great summer.  Tell all hello and a big Thank You.

James: Thank you! Dear doctor Tedder, I really appreciate the competence and the care which both you and your staff demonstrated in my recent visit to your office. I really enjoy my trips to the dentist since I have met you. Thanks again for everything.

Harry:  Dr Tedder
I want to thank you for doing what you do. I was in quite discomfort for over a year with that crowned tooth and you fixed it, amazing!  You took the time to talk with me and explain what you planned to do and that helped so much. Sitting there  while you performed what I consider a miracle with all that specialized equipment I was quite in awe of what you do.!Thank you too for calling me the day after the procedure and for now sending me this letter . It shows a VERY professional approach to your business. I never ever had a doctor call me to ask how I was doing after an office visit. until now.You and all your staff are extremely nice , pleasant and continually smiling.  You people are awesome. 

Patsy:  Dr. Tedder, many thanks for your expertise and talent with my procedure. You are so very good at what you do and I appreciate your concern. I have had no discomfort at all and am enjoying my new tooth!   Best regards,

Devin A. Comments: this was my 1st root canal ever and was a great experience. Nothing like the horror stories I have heard. Dr. Tedder and all the staff were amazing and the friendliness seemed genuine, unlike some places I have been. They took time to explain different things and even let my kids come in and watch "daddy". Thank you Dr. Tedder and your staff for renewing my trust in the dentist.

Tracie G:  Thanks Dr. Tedder-so glad your practice is here in Rocky Mount—we are very fortunate to have you here, you and your staff are awesome.Hope you have a great weekend!!!

Keith:  I couldn't have asked for a better group of people. You and your folks are great and I will definitely be speaking well of you all. I'd also like to thank you for the conversations during the procedures. They were interesting and helpfully distracting.


Dawn:  Dr. Tedder and staff are wonderful. They made me feel at ease the whole time. A very compassionate staff. Highly recommend Dr. Tedder.

Marie:  It was a wonderful experience dealing with this procedure.  I have had one other root canal completed many years ago and this was so much more "enjoyable". Thank you so much for your extreme kindness from both you and your staff.